Our plan is for RI Primary to open its doors in January, 2017 to a nursery school class of 25 students, with a new grade level to be added every year.

Rukundo International was formed to provide educational opportunities, healthcare and nutrition, community-based support, and hope to orphans and other underprivileged and at-risk children and their extended families in Kabale, Uganda. In furtherance of such purposes this organization shall:

Obtain a plot of land in Kabale, Uganda

We will build our primary school on this land. The school will serve orphans and other underprivileged and at-risk children and their extended families in Uganda.

Goal Met

Provide Support

We will provide financial support, staff, and volunteer services to run the primary school, Rukundo International.

Meet Nutritional Needs of Students

Our staff and volunteers will provide adequate nourishment to meet the nutritional needs of the students attending Rukundo International.

Provide Healthcare Services

We will to fund community-based organizations and programs that provide healthcare and healthcare education to benefit orphans and other underprivileged and at-risk children enrolled at Rukundo International and their extended families.

Provide Spiritual Support

We aim to support the provision of Christian education and spiritual support to the children and families served by the organization’s charitable programs.

Part of our long-term plan is that the school grounds will serve as a community hub with weekly events, health clinics, adult literacy classes, women’s empowerment clinics, and more. The school will feature a sustainable garden and small livestock area to help finance the school operation.

We will fund-raise through grassroots efforts with individual donations and small, community-based fundraisers in the United States. We will work on securing community grants and developing local partnerships in the U.S. and in Uganda.

In late 2016, RI plans to partner with Agape Social Enterprises, a proposed Internet café in Kabale. A minimum of 51% of proceeds from the cafe will benefit RI programs. Our Scholars and beneficiaries, and eventually our teachers, will be offered free or reduced costs for computer training.