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The Home that Rukundo (Love) Built

Rukundo International strives to fulfill the holistic needs of our Scholars. We believe in going beyond academic needs to include happiness and health in all areas- spiritual, mental, and physical. We never want our Scholars to forget the communities in which they came from, and giving back, in the form of community service, is a yearly requirement for our Scholar’s program.

The Project

For this year’s community service day, we focused our efforts on building a home for three of our young Scholars who are without. The small budget for the project supported the purchase of items including poles, local threads, and nails for the home. But the heart of the project was the strength of our Scholars, Rukundo staff, and other community members that came together to meet at ground zero and put in the labor needed to provide our Scholars with this most essential need.

Even our newly enrolled vocational students chipped in to offer their labor and love to make this project successful. At the end of the day, miraculously all that was left to finish the home was the roof and mud. The father of the home promised to do his part in finishing the roofing and smearing mud on the home; however, due to the vulnerability of this family, he’s finding it a struggle to come up with the funds for the roof.

We need approximately $300 to complete the project for this family. Our counselor, Gideon, will do a weekly follow up to confirm a smooth finish.

Building Together

This service from our staff and beneficiaries to our own Scholars is an embodiment of Rukundo International’s mission and values. This community service day actively demonstrates the health of the community we have created and the caring spirits that surround our Scholars. This is the kind of work that Rukundo International believes in and will continue to organize with your support. Our boys and their parents will be forever grateful for their new home, and they will always remember that it was built with rukundo (love).

Want to Support a Community Service Project?

Supporting a Scholar’s Day of Community Service costs roughly $250- yes we transported and fed our members, plus BUILT A HOUSE for that amount. A little goes a long way in Uganda <3 If you would like to contribute to making our next community service day a success, email

If you can find it in your heart to contribute to the roofing needs of the home, please donate at Thank you!

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