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DSC_0643The government of Uganda recognizes that education is the key to success for its citizens, communities, and the growth of the nation. Great efforts have been made to create access to education for all Ugandan children (Universal Public Education), but the efforts have fallen short.

While there is access to public primary (elementary) schools, there are still associated fees for various supplies and the classrooms are overcrowded beyond our comprehension, with as many as 100 children per classroom!

Private school is also an option, but again, fees are a barrier. Many children are sent back home, or “chased away” because they cannot pay their fees, or even if they have money for the fees, they can’t pay for books, uniforms, or other supply requests like brooms. The sorrow, and even shame, of not being able to attend school is palpable when you speak with these families.

It’s difficult to imagine Americans dreaming about paying for a basic education as part of a Christmas wish – we take our access to free public education for granted – but in this video, you will find several Ugandan children and parents saying if they received the gift of a financial donation for Christmas, it would be used to pay school fees, or other essentials like food and clothing.

We wish we could give every family the money they need for education, but it’s impossible. What we can do, is take your financial donation and make a difference, one community at a time. We are nearing completion of our nursery school and community center, offering a first-rate education, as well as nutrition, and community programs for adults. Our new students will begin classes in January (the Ugandan school year is January through November). This is a dream we have been working toward for three years and we are so humbled and excited to see it become a reality.

However, we want to be able to keep growing our school into a full primary school, giving access to quality teachers, superior school buildings, and a world-class education. We are in a campaign to raise $15,000 for the next phase of our school. Will you partner with us to “Deck the Halls, Build the Walls” and help provide an education to these eager and vulnerable Ugandan children? Any donation in any amount helps us reach our lofty goal!

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15 DSC_0590

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