It is the mission of Rukundo International to empower Uganda’s most vulnerable through educational and economic opportunities that create pathways to self-sustaining communities.

About Us

While Uganda has made significant gains in economic and social development, extreme challenges still exist:

  • There are an estimated 2.3 million orphans in Uganda, largely due to HIV/AIDS.
  • Uganda has the highest proportion of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS worldwide.
  • The country’s health indicators are among the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The United Nation’s Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) estimates that 67% of Ugandans are either poor or highly vulnerable to poverty.
  • Uganda currently has 8.4 million (about 24.5%) trapped in absolute poverty and another 23.1 million people prone to poverty.
  • Close to 18% of school-aged children are not enrolled in school.
  • The school dropout rate averages 66 percent.
  • Food security is a major concern; more than one in four children under age five is stunted.

In Kabale, Uganda, families and communities struggle to access adequate healthcare, education, clean water, and nutrition.


Rukundo International’s chief goal is to offer a complete, high quality primary educational program for students. Our school will serve underprivileged and at-risk children who would be unlikely to attend traditional schools. We will have small class sizes, complete English instruction, and will use child-centered, participatory teaching methods.


We will improve the nutritional status of all students by offering safe water and a supplemental feeding program. Through a Growth Monitoring Program, we will identify malnourished children and provide nutritional education and counseling on good feeding practices. We will educate caretakers on how to prevent and control common ailments, and to seek prompt treatment when children are sick.


Our school will specialize in providing emotional support to children, particularly children who are orphans. We will establish youth clubs and train peer educators in the community to provide youth with reproductive health information and services. We will provide support for orphans, focusing on child-headed households or youth at risk of losing a parent to an AIDS-related illness.


Our school will provide a Christian education and offer spiritual support to students and families served by Rukundo International. We will focus on small group Bible study, will have a designated prayer leader in the school and will encourage the children and families to attend religious services offered on weekends.


We will ensure that all programs are planned and executed through a performance-based approach, underpinned by robust monitoring and evaluation to track performance against well-defined targets and indicators. Program performance, annual reports and financial accounts will be disseminated freely and openly.