Founder Andrea Sedlock has been working in Kabale in the public school system since 2009. Because of her passion for the people and students she has met over the last decade, she wanted to create a legacy of lasting, sustainable change in the community. After much prayer and research, she decided the best way to create that change would be to start a primary school – Rukundo Preparatory School. The word “Rukundo” means love in the native, tribal language, Rukiga.

The first stage of Rukundo Preparatory School – Rukundo Nursery School – opened its doors on February 5th, 2018. The decision to focus on nursery school students was made to impact these children through early intervention, following the guidelines of our school’s mission:

“It is the mission, duty and purpose of Rukundo Preparatory School to create a healthy educational environment that administers to the development of the child in totality: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.”

Currently, the nursery school consists of three Classes: 1. Baby Class (3yo), 2. Middle Class (4yo), and 3. Top Class (5 yo). Our school focuses on small class sizes, high quality curriculum, and engaging instruction from the best teachers. We are especially proud of our sustainable garden and a small herd of livestock that help finance the school’s operation and offer additional nutrition.

Going beyond the school’s primary focus, we want to impact the entire community by using the school as a community center for weekly children’s events, health clinics, women’s empowerment groups and more. One project to empower women is already in progress – the mushroom project. Kid’s Sundays has also begun and will hopefully expand to become an after school program.

The opening of the school has been a tremendous success. We hope you share in our joy as we move forward and continue to change lives in Kabale, Uganda.

How your donations have been used:

  • 2014 – Saved one year’s operating budget
  • 2015 – Purchased an almost one-acre plot of land to site our school
  • 2016/2017 – Constructed Rukundo Nursery School & Community Center building, bathrooms, temporary kitchen, and erected fencing
  • 2018 – Launched our Nursery School and Community Center
Rukundo Prep School

Rukundo Prep School

Rukundo Prep School Information Board

Rukundo Prep School Information Board

What the future holds:

  • 2019 – graduate nursery students to P1 (1st Grade)

What we need:

  • Continue to fundraise through grassroots efforts with individual donations and small, community-based fundraisers in the United States to build classrooms for our primary school (elementary block)
  • Recruit 20 more monthly $1 per day donors to meet the school’s operating budget