Programs Manager

Kabale, Uganda

Rukundo International (RI) is a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax-exempt entity based in Maryland, and a registered CBO in Kabale, Uganda, since 2014.  Founder Andrea Sedlock has been working in Kabale in UPE schools since 2009. Our mission is to empower Uganda’s most vulnerable through educational and economic opportunities. RI currently has a nursery school, with plans to expand the school by one grade level each year until we have a full primary school; supports vulnerable children through our Scholars Program, which provides school fees, as well as supplemental care; operates a Girl’s Empowerment Program in six UPE schools; and runs a community center with programs for both adults and children at the school.

Description of Work
Act as RI’s Program Manager in Kabale, taking responsibility for running the office on a day-to-day basis and setting long-term goals, in conjunction with US and Uganda-based Board Members. This job will entail significant responsibilities including identifying, fostering and promoting relationships and forums for collaboration with program partners, local NGOs, and donors; managing RI staff, operations, research, monitoring and evaluation; reporting on finances and other matters for all RI programs. Only individuals with significant work experience of at least 10 years post a bachelor of arts should apply. Individuals should be able to demonstrate leadership skills and supervisory responsibilities in previous jobs, as well as, upheld high levels of integrity in all situations.

Specific Tasks

  • The manager must familiarize him/herself with the mission, vision, and objectives of RI.
  • Maintain regular, at a minimum weekly, communication with the US President to ensure program activities and objectives, challenges and support needs are being met.
  • Set monthly, quarterly, and yearly objectives across all program areas, in collaboration with US and Uganda-based Board Members and communicate these to Uganda-based staff in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that monthly, quarterly, and annual reports (both financial and activity-based) are completed and delivered to the Board in a timely manner across all programs, and for the organization at-large.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and reporting for the organization at-large.
  • Develop activities and marketing materials which support RI’s mission and bring awareness to our organization in Kabale and Uganda at-large.
  • Manage the provision of content (photographs, video, and reports) for use in newsletters, media releases, e-news, and fundraising campaigns.
  • Identify and meet with other individuals, government officials, and NGO’s in the area in order to further our mission and increase awareness of RI in Kabale.
  • Identify and meet with potential donors at the Uganda level.
  • Collect information to facilitate US-based partnerships (cost proposals, photographs, video, etc.).
  • Manage and monitor staff performance across all program areas, including bi-yearly performance plans and annual reviews for all staff members.

To apply, email CV’s and cover letters to