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RI believes that clean water is a basic human right and that everyone, everywhere in the world, should have safe water for drinking and sanitation. We have seen first-hand, in many communities in Kabale, the only access to water is a small, polluted puddle or spring.  In line with our mission of providing educational opportunities, this program provides access to safe water in public primary schools in Kabale. Because the average child in Kabale spends two-four hours a day fetching water, installing water in schools eliminates travel time and the long lines often present at water collection points. This allows students to focus on educational priorities, such as attending classes after lunch and focusing on studying in the evenings, rather than spending many hours of valuable time fetching water. In addition, traveling long distances to fetch water leaves women and girls vulnerable, so these projects reduce those associated risks. Providing water in schools also reduces water borne diseases, reducing absenteeism in students, among other benefits.

  • 5,000 liter rainwater harvesting tank installed at Kibuzigye Primary in partnership with the Reel Water Film Festival
  • 5,000 liter rainwater harvesting tank installed at Kagarama Primary in partnership with Journey’s Crossing Church
  • Water pump in process of being installed at Kacerere Primary in partnership with Apocalypse Well Pumps and the Poolesville High School Water Club
  • Proper hand washing techniques and other health and hygiene curriculum incorporated into our service trips
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