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Soccer tournaments are arranged during school holidays to keep children busy, so that they stay off the streets and out of trouble, and also improve their sports skills. Most vulnerable children miss out on these programs because they lack the resources to participate. These training activities are welcomed by local authorities as an antidote against the growing rate of drug abuse and moral decadence that increase during school holidays. The players are identified from poor communities in Kabale district, especially in the schools that currently partner with our organization.

  • The primary goal of the RI soccer club is to provide not only physical, but also moral, linguistic and professional development of vulnerable youth and children through soccer.
  • The club aims to reduce crime rates and drug abuse, and bolster the fight against HIV/AIDS, by keeping children engaged in soccer activities over school holidays.
  • A major goal of the project is to offer an opportunity for maximal development of talent and character in youth and children through training and nurturing of their talents in soccer.
  • Training activities reinforce the spirit of friendship, partnership, unity, and a sense of responsibility among young people who constitute a very active and consequently very volatile section of the population. Training is a proven self esteem and confidence builder that can improve mental outlook and personal development. Children are empowered to discover their personal dreams and potential.
  • The club, through tournaments, builds friendship ties with other sports oriented entities and donors that promote the same values.
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