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The RI Girl’s Empowerment Program, adapted from the Zinduka programme designed by FHI 360 UJANA project and Grassroot Soccer in Tanzania, trains teachers (coaches) to deliver an activity-based curriculum that uses soccer language and analogies to promote healthy, responsible behaviors among Ugandan youth (players), ages 10-19 years. The program focuses on reproductive health, life skills, HIV prevention, and unplanned pregnancy and STD prevention, using the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize students. Participants are urged to share what they have learned in their peer groups, families, and communities to help stop the spread of HIV.

This program is supported by an annual grant from the Women’s Microfinance Initiative (WMI) in Bethesda, MD (link to them http://wmionline.org/). In line with WMI’s mission and objectives, financial literacy training and a student-led entrepreneurial activity has been incorporated into the program, so that the girls can begin to learn good financial practices early.

Since 2014, this program has been impacting the girls, their schools, and the community at large in incredible ways.  You can read more about the GEP and it’s impact here: http://www.rukundointernational.org/on-the-path-to-life-the-girls-empowerment-program/ and here: http://www.rukundointernational.org/becoming-one-in-christ-the-girls-empowerment-program/.

The program is currently impacting hundreds of girls in six rural Ugandan primary schools in Kabale: Humurwa Annex, St John’s Ikumba, Mugyera, Nyarurambi, Nyaruhanga, and Katiba Primary Schools.  

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