Scholars Program Coordinator

Kabale, Uganda

Rukundo International (RI) is a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax-exempt entity based in Maryland, and a registered CBO in Kabale, Uganda, since 2014.  Founder Andrea Sedlock has been working in Kabale in UPE schools since 2009. Our mission is to empower Uganda’s most vulnerable through educational and economic opportunities. RI currently has a nursery school, with plans to expand the school by one grade level each year until we have a full primary school; supports vulnerable children through our Scholars Program providing school fees, as well as supplemental care; operates a Girl’s Empowerment Program in six UPE schools; and runs a community center with programs for both adults and children at the school.

Description of Work
The RI Scholars Program provides scholarships to high-performing students from rural areas who would otherwise be unable to continue their education, due to financial hardships. The program strives to meet not only the educational needs of the students, but also their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The Coordinator will be responsible for establishing a care plans and five-year plan for each student, currently numbering 23 beneficiaries. The Coordinator will closely monitor educational progress, home environments, and the general well-being of all scholars, ensuring that program objectives are being met.

Specific Tasks

  • Coordinator must familiarize self with the mission, vision, and objectives of RI.
  • Maintain regular communication with RI’s US President and Uganda Programs Manager to ensure program activities and objectives, challenges and support needs are communicated in an effective and timely manner.
  • Set monthly, quarterly, and yearly objectives for the Scholars Program and communicate results in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that monthly, quarterly, and annual reports (both financial and activity-based) are completed and received in a timely manner.
  • Set a yearly budget, and maintain accurate financial records and reporting for the program.
  • Provide content (photographs, video, and reports) to use in newsletters, media releases, e-news, and fundraising campaigns.
  • Ensure that school fees are paid for the RI Scholars on time and that they have all the materials required to meet program objectives.
  • Maintain good and consistent relationships with all schools and the administration where our children are placed.
  • Regularly monitor, evaluate, and provide mentorship to RI Scholars to ensure that the program is meeting goals and objectives, and if not, determine action needed to improve achievements in conjunction with the Programs Manager and US President.
  • Coordinate and plan the annual Holiday Retreat for scholars to receive additional training and mentorship, as well as, spiritual guidance.
  • Organize two student-led community service projects per year, to foster and encourage community involvement.
  • Visit each scholar’s home during school holidays.
  • Assist caregivers, where needed, to provide healthy home environments.
  • Manage the provision of holiday packages for students who do not have healthy home environments.
  • Organize regular meetings with parents or guardians to determine and encourage their level of involvement, both financial and otherwise.
  • Support scholar-donor relations by facilitating letter writing with US sponsors.
  • Participate in school functions for scholars who are total orphans or do not have able-bodied parents.
  • Facilitate medical care for scholars who are total orphans or do not have able-bodied parents.
  • Facilitate all necessary reporting at the local government offices, to make sure we are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

To apply, email CV and cover letter to