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Amaani Gabato Party

“Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

The Amaani G’abato Program (The Power of Kids), is one of the various community-based programs run by Rukundo International. As the name implies, this program focuses on the most vulnerable members of any community: the children. The program has grown to provide services for an average of 132 children weekly!

Any child of primary (elementary) school age is welcome to come and benefit from the services. Each week on Sunday the program offers play-based educational activities, along with spiritual lessons for the children, providing nourishment of the mind and soul. At the conclusion of the activities, each child is given a meal to nourish the body.

Amaani Gabato
A Personal Message from the Rukundo International President

“I got so much push-back from our staff in Uganda when I shared my vision for our community center, that I almost gave up. They expressed concerns such as, ‘But the local children don’t know how to behave in a school environment. They can’t use our classrooms because they will get them dirty. They will steal our supplies. They will break playground equipment.’ The concerns were endless, but I pushed for our vision of a Community Center with the motto of ‘Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.’

This beautiful school building that love built was not meant to sit empty outside of school hours. After only a few months in operation, everyone had to eat their words.

By April, 2018 (two months after launch), you could walk onto our school grounds on a Sunday and make the assumption that every child had been attending school activities for years. You no longer find shoving or pushing, and there’s very little in terms of misbehavior. A little guidance, but mostly LOVE (rukundo), goes a long way. Today, you can walk into our community center and see many social norms being broken. Every child is treated the same, regardless of their social stature. ‘Well-off’ kids sit beside ‘vulnerable’ kids as they take their porridge together, play together, and worship TOGETHER.

I am so proud of our school, but I am equally proud of the community center. Children who have never stepped foot in a school are getting a taste that education can be fun. The parents in the surrounding community have embraced the program with open arms. Every Sunday when I receive a photo of the kids, it makes heart burst with pride. Thank you to all of you who have made this happen. It’s so much more than just a building, or just a program, or just a meal to these kids. This program is rukundo (love).”

This beautiful school building that love built was not meant to sit empty outside of school hours.

Amaani Gabato Dancing

A Message of Outreach

Passion and perseverance are what brought us where we are today. The idea of the center was fought for and nurtured, and with the aid of kind hearts, this program can continue to its fullest potential.

We are growing each day. To continue to fill the hearts, minds, and bodies of these children, we need your support. Sponsoring a day of the Amaani G’abato program is only $50. Our work, and this community center, is only as strong as the commitments of our faithful supporters. A heartfelt thanks to each of you. Click Here To Donate.

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