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Many of you know that opening a nursery and primary school has been our main goal since beginning this journey almost three years ago. That dream is quickly becoming a reality, but we have stepped out in faith. While we have secured almost all of the funds necessary to build our first three classrooms, we still have approximately $15,000 to raise before February, 2017 to assure that we have one year’s operating costs secured for our school and community center. These costs include providing quality teachers and support staff, scholastic materials and uniforms, nutritious meals and clean water, and more to support our mission of “creating a healthy educational environment that ministers to the child in totality: intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.” These funds will also allow us to provide a safe, nurturing place for the community by utilizing our classrooms to double as a community center in the evenings. Projects will develop organically by involving the community in designing programs to meet their needs, but could include tutoring, crafts, and recreation for neighboring students and empowerment and English classes for local women.

Rukundo international nursery and primary school and community center will be a life-changing center of hope in an impoverished, rural village that currently has very little to no opportunity for quality education and supplemental programs.

The dollar goes much further in Uganda.

It takes only 166 people giving $1/day ($30 month) to not only build three classrooms, but provide every operating cost associated with the school and community center. We have opportunities for partners to contribute from the $5-$6,000 level.

Here’s an example:

$20 provides one school uniform.
$36/month will pay the yearly salary for our school cook.
$45/month will provide the salary for our school counselor to provide emotional support.
$50/month will provide livestock and seeds and upkeep for our teaching farm and garden.
$75 provides daily nutritious meals to one child for an entire year.
$100/month will fund educational programs through our Community Center.
$227 provides classroom supplies and scholastic materials for 3 classes for an entire month.
$727 will provide textbooks for 75 students (donor can be acknowledged with their name in the front).
$1,090 or 3 people giving $30/month will pay a teacher’s salary for an entire year.
$1,200 will provide a playground and fun for years to come!  Donor will be acknowledged with a plaque on the playground.
$6,000 builds an entire classroom!



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